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Radio Vendetta

What is Radio Vendetta?

Welcome To The Autonomous Anonymous Network And Its Voice Radio Vendetta. Read Our Manifesto Here.

		We are the Cats,
		We Meow truth to power,
		We fight for a more just world,
		We are the peaceful future,
		Expect us.


Radio Vendetta





  • 06-02-2018, Courage Sound launch
  • Reality Winner Special - Discussion of the case of Reality Winner. CourageSound will broadcast every two weeks on Radio Vendetta.

    Courage Foundation: https://couragefound.org/2018/05/this-friday-couragesound-podcast-launch/
    @couragefound: http://twitter.com/couragefound




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..::  Central Committee CgAn great authority and exceptional ability at their discretion proclaims OniOns, Garlic chief objective.  ::..
..::  Our Supreme, Glorious chairman Meow saw it was good. He is right as always!! (All stand up and applause ...)  ::..

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