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Welcome to + Autonomous Anonymous Network + and it’s voice + Radio Vendetta +

Radio Vendetta is the place for those who continue to fight against injustice. For those who do not step back and watch the world burn. For those who see the bigger picture. For those who keep an ear close to the ground, heart open and leave ego at the door.
It is time to get angry about what is happening all around us, to see that it is us against them. They = all governments and corporations, are not interested in your well-being, or the flag or the country. All they care about is profit margin, export and import. While we live in a society that is being tracked, prodded and sold in data ports.

Division is a perilously crated tool of silencing and dismantling.

It is used against us, so we turn on each-other instead of identifying who is the actual problem. Why kids are being bombed in countries no one wants to hear about and the elderly do not have the care they need. Why do people freeze to death on the streets and why is the medical system being cut and grasping at its last breath. Why is everything that is possible to privatize being privatised - including YOU! You as a data source/profit margin.

You are sold lie after lie, so you will watch more shitty news and buy more crap based on advertisement between “breaking news” this and “breaking news” that. You are being forced into “like this” and “click” that. We think the time has come to S T O P! We think it is time to organise, support independent media, reach out to one another and be strong together.

+ H / A C T I V I S T + A word that defines generations.

We as a community owe it to the past and to the future generations to keep working, to keep fighting, to keep our lungs filled with air and eyes above the water. We sacrificed partnerships, friendships, some of us ended up in prisons and some sadly sacrificed not only physical freedom but their lives, for the cause.

To Honour the Memory of those we lost and praise, those who keep up the fight, we must be vigilant. When they ask us who we are, we say we are no one. Nothing. A pebble. A stone. A drop of rain water. An exclamation mark at end of the sentence. A binary footprint and boots on the ground. We are an idea, ethics, determination, commitment and passion.

We do not give up, as it is our duty as Human Animals of this planet to fight for what is right. Fuck the traitors and the snitches. Fuck those who have no backbone, who stand for nothing and believe in nothing as they themselves are nothing. They are the problem.

Together we are more powerful than ever, united we connect all the dots to make sure that the REVOLUTION is 0n! And so it is - 0N.

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